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Adjusting chart axes and grid in Prezi Design

With the charts available in Prezi Design, you can present your data in a variety of ways. Read this article to find out how you can customize the grid of your chart, add titles and labels to your axes, set the value range, and do much more.

Customizing the appearance of the grid

To access the grid options, select the chart you want to customize by clicking on it, and expand the Axis & grid tab in the settings panel on the right.

  • Depending on the chart you're using, you can select whether you want to display a Horizontal or Vertical grid, both (All), or None. You can do this in the dropdown under Grid.
  • To change the grid's color, click on the color box next to Grid color and pick one of the theme colors, use the color picker, or enter a hex color code.
  • Change the transparency of the grid by dragging the Grid transparency slider left or right.


Adding titles to the axes and adjusting the labels

  • To make it easier for your audience to read your chart, add titles to the axes. You can do that by typing in the axes' names in the text boxes under X-axis title and Y-axis title.
  • You can also choose whether you want to display labels on the axes. Expand the dropdown under Axis labels, and select the option you prefer.
  • If your chart has a lot of entries, the labels on the X-axis will be displayed vertically. To tilt them, enable the Tilt x-axis labels option.


Adjusting the axis intervals and range

  • It's possible to increase or decrease the intervals between the labels displayed on the Y-axis or X-axis (depending on the chart you're using). If you're using a column chart, open the dropdown under Y-axis intervals, and select the number of lines you want on your grid. The number of gridlines will not always match the number you choose; however, the lower the number, the larger the intervals.
  • You can also set a custom axis range. Use the text boxes below Y-axis range (or X-axis range) to enter the minimum and maximum values. This option is handy if your chart has several tabs, and you want the indicators to be easily comparable.


Multiple axes charts

If you're using a chart with multiple Y-axes, it's possible to set a different range for each one, and you can also invert both or one of them. Same as above, this can be done under Axis & grid.


If you'd like to find out more about the different ways you can customize charts, head over to the article on customizing your chart in Prezi Design.

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