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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Getting the best audio quality on your video

Your video is all about sharing your message and content, so make sure your audience can actually hear it. Try these tips to ensure you get the best audio quality possible when recording with Prezi Video.

Choosing the right device

First, decide what device you’d like to record your audio with. In general, we recommend your laptop mic, since most headphone mics tend to have worse audio quality when recording. This isn’t always the case, though, so try recording two audio samples and listen to both of them to see which version is better.


Or, even better, use an external mic if you already have one. Here's an article about connecting an external microphone in Prezi Video!

Finding the right space

In terms of where you should record, keep the following in mind: with room size, the bigger the room, the more likely you’ll get an echo, so try to avoid recording in large, empty spaces.


Another thing to consider is the amount (and type) of furniture in a room. Bigger, softer surfaces tend to absorb more sounds that would otherwise bounce back from the walls and ruin your audio quality. For instance, having a cozy couch in a smaller room would lead to great audio quality.

Recording tips

You should also try to avoid any external noise, like squeaky chairs, wobbly tables, open windows, and loud neighbours, as they can ruin your audio as well. Try to eliminate any unnecessary sources of sound.

When recording, speak loud enough and clear to make sure your message gets through to the audience. If you have the time and affinity, you can also play around with the input volume settings of your computer to see if it makes any difference in the loudness/clarity of your audio. If you’re unsure about these settings, don’t worry about it, the default settings are usually optimised as well.

In addition, try to speak while facing your laptop. The mic has a much harder time picking up your audio if you speak sideways or facing away from it. On the other hand, try not to sit stiff and motionless, feel free to move your head as needed!

If you get close to the mic, you’ll sound louder, if you are far away from it, you’ll sound more quiet. As obvious as it sounds, try to avoid moving back and forth a lot and therefore varying your distance from the mic. 

If you want to play a clip with sound while recording, we advise you to use earphones to avoid echoing. In case you don’t have earphones, try lowering the volume of your computer which will help reduce the echo effect.

There's just one final thing to consider: don’t focus TOO much on the little details! Once you have the optimal circumstances for recording audio, try to forget about your setup and focus on your content and the audience! 

Want to learn more about Prezi Video and its features? Check out our dedicated Knowledge Base!

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