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Using content layouts in Prezi Present

Save some time for yourself and use our pre-designed content layouts in your topics and subtopics for images and text to give your presentation a unified design that will definitely impress your audience.

You should know: Content layouts can only be used inside topics and subtopics and are not available from the overview of your presentation.

Choosing a content layout

1. Zoom into the topic or subtopic where you'd like to add and/or organize your content.

3. Click Layout in the top toolbar to open the sidebar.

4. Go to Content to see the different layouts you can choose from and select the one you'd like to use.

5. The selected layout will appear on the canvas as placeholders. You can edit the text by clicking the text box (and even change the font, size, or the highlight color if you'd like to). By clicking the image placeholder, you can either upload your image or select one from our image library.

You should know: The image placeholders will automatically crop your image to the default aspect ratio (image masking), but you can still resize the cropped area and the selected image as well to fit into your presentation.


If you already have content added to your topic/subtopic, you can rearrange it by selecting a pre-designed layout. Sit back and watch as the images and text boxes automatically rearrange themselves right on the canvas. You can still freely move, resize and edit the images and text boxes after using a content layout. 


Pro Tip: Want to learn about subtopic layouts? Check out this article.
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