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Embedding your Prezi Design content

Prezi Design is all about sharing your engaging and interactive content with the world. Once you've finished working on your latest project, you can embed it into your website. You just have to go to the view page of your design, copy the embed code, and you're all set!

Accessing the embed code

  1. Open your Prezi Design dashboard.
  2. Click on the three dots icon of the project you want to embed, then select View.
  3. From the project view page, click on the Embed icon under your content.
  4. Copy the embed code from the pop-up window. That's it! Paste the code into your CMS and let others enjoy your content.


You should know: It's possible to embed only the projects that are available to anyone on the web. If you've embedded a publicly accessible project, but decide to make it private later, the embed will stop working.
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