# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.
# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

How are automatic renewal payments made? 

If you have an active Prezi subscription and the monthly/yearly renewal is due, we automatically charge your card. If we are able to charge your card successfully, you receive a payment verification via email. However, if the payment fails, we are going to attempt to charge your card again. You are informed about each failed attempt via email where we ask you to update your payment information. In this article, we explain how automatic renewals work, why your payment might have been unsuccessful and what you can do to avoid the same issue in the future.

How does Prezi process renewals?

All of our subscriptions are set to automatically renew annually/monthly based on your subscription plan, unless you already cancelled during the subscription period. We do this for your convenience and to avoid any interruption of service. We charge the billing card/PayPal account connected to your Prezi account. 

Please note: Always keep your billing information updated to avoid billing failures for these subscriptions and to ensure we charge the correct card/PayPal account. We can't reprocess a completed charge with a different payment method.

Why am I receiving payment failure/success emails?

If you received a transaction email from us, then you must have an active Prezi subscription with a payment method on file.

Our attempt to charge your card/PayPal account for the subscription fee might fail due to various technical reasons, but whatever the reason is, we keep you informed about each failed or successful transaction via email to keep you in the loop. 

You should know: We make multiple attempts to charge the card/PayPal account within 10 days following the due date.

What happens if I don't update my payment method?

If, for whatever reason, we are unable to process your payment after the final attempt, we will consider your account expired. This means that you will not be able to create new presentations or edit existing ones. You will still be able to log in to your account to view your existing presentations.

If your license is expired and you wish to create and edit presentations again, you can do the following:

  1. Restart your subscription and continue creating great presentations
  2. Downgrade to a free account - you can keep creating presentations online, but the new presentations will be public

If you do not wish to renew your license, it is better to cancel your subscription in order to avoid any unwanted charges in the future. 

What if I would like to renew but I need more time until I can make a payment?

If your card/PayPal account cannot be charged for some reason, we will attempt the charge again in the next few days after your payment was due. We will send you reminder emails to update your payment method. During this time, you won’t lose your editing rights or access to your account.

In case your account gets expired in the meantime, you can still renew your subscription without any changes to your account or your presentations at any point.

What if I already updated my payment method?

You do not have to worry, we are going to try charging your card/PayPal account in the next few days and when the payment is completed, we will send you an invoice. If, for any reason, the payment fails, we will notify you. 

To make sure whether your license is still active, you can always check in your Account Settings. To renew your license, go to the “Licenses” tab on your Account settings page and click on “Restart Subscription”.

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