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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Tips for recording with Prezi Video

You prepared some killer video content and it's time to record and share it with the world. No matter how much practice you have, talking in front of a camera can still be nerve-racking. Here are our top tips collected in one article to make recording with Prezi Video an easy and fun experience!

Before recording

Find your ideal recording location 

Your background, lighting, and room have a huge impact on your video and audio quality. For best results, set yourself up in a smaller room to avoid any echo, position your setup with a window in front of you for natural lighting, and have a clean, neutral background behind you. To optimize your audio quality, we recommend using an external mic, but your laptop mic can work as well. 


Check your positioning 

Now that you have found your recording location, run through your video presentation to align yourself next to your visuals. (This may require you to sit off to one side of the screen so that the visuals don’t cover your face.) 

Pro Tip: You can add in Presenter Notes, which will appear as you move through your presentation. Click here to learn about adding presenter notes either online or in the Prezi Video desktop application. 


During recording

Recording a video can be intimidating. If you ever need to take a break or collect your thoughts, hit the “Pause” button. And don't worry if there's some unnecessary footage at the beginning or end — you can trim your video before finalizing it. 


Your first recording doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always click “Record Again” until you get a take you are happy with.  

After recording

Congrats, you successfully recorded your Prezi video! Next, you will upload the video to your account with a strong title, description, and tags. This will make your video more discoverable in searches. Make sure to also set your video privacy to “Public” so the Editorial team can review it for featuring across our blog, emails, social channels, and more! 

Once you have uploaded your video, you will be shown the Prezi video URL. Copy the URL and send it to the Editorial team or share your video in a social post! (You can also upload the .mp4 file directly in your LinkedIn post, which will likely increase your views and engagement!)


Note: If you forgot to add any details to your video or want to find the URL again, no problem. You can easily update it through your Prezi Video online dashboard. Here’s how.

For even more tips on how to record a high-quality Prezi video, review “A Content Creator’s Guide to Prezi Video.” And if you’re an educator, check out our “Educator’s Guide to Creating a Prezi video.

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