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How to build the best slides for your video

Even though we’ve got quite used to virtual meetings by now, maintaining your audience’s attention can be a challenge when presenting in a video conference. Prezi Video is here to help you dazzle your viewers: here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when preparing your content so your message gets through loud and clear. 

General design and color scheme

1. When creating a video from scratch, we make sure that all the templates have contrasting colors and fonts for better readability. 

2. You can easily use your own company’s brand colors by creating a brand kit. Provide your custom font and color codes and we will generate video templates for you and your team that all match your brand. 


3. When importing a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation, make sure that your design has contrasting colors. You can use this tool to check color compatibility when preparing your content.

4. If you are using a Prezi presentation, you can make sure with the pre-made color schemes that the overall design of your content is easily digestible and visually pleasing or you can create your own too. 


5. You can give more contrast to your content and add a nice visual touch by using two rectangular shapes at the bottom and the right side of your canvas and making them gradient. You can do this by selecting the object, clicking Fill color from the context menu and selecting Linear gradient from the dropdown list. 


Text on screen

1. Even though having your content right alongside you when presenting can help convey your message better, we encourage you to follow the principle of “less is more”. 

Pro Tip: By displaying the most important information only and explaining the rest, you can make sure that your audience understands and registers your message.


2. In addition to the amount of information displayed on each slide, it is also important to make sure that the text is easy to read. The more text you add, the smaller it becomes, so limiting the amount of text is also important from a visual point of view too.

3. Instead of putting all information up on the screen, try using presenter notes! You can have reminders for all your talking points and your audience can focus on you instead of being distracted by too much text on the screen.

4. PowerPoint slides are imported to Prezi Video as images. If you have a lot of text on certain slides, consider removing it and adding it directly from Prezi Video instead so they are more visible and easier to read.

5. When converting a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation, avoid using cursive and decorative fonts that are generally harder to read on screen.

6. Alternatively, you can add a highlight to your text boxes and even adjust the opacity for better readability. 


Adding visuals

1. In the image and icon gallery, you can find a huge variety of high resolution visuals. When uploading your own, make sure you’re using high resolution visuals, especially when you’re showing graphs with numbers and other important details. 

Pro Tip: Use Prezi Design to visualize your data and download your charts and graphs as high resolution images to later add to your video.

2. The “less is more” principle also applies here - only use visuals that really add to your story but don’t take the attention from you and what you have to say. 


3. When importing your PowerPoint slides, you might want to consider removing their background to have a cleaner, more sophisticated look. 

4. When adding icons, try sticking to the same icon collection to have a unified look. If you want to take your content to the next level, you should also pay attention to the color scheme of your template and use visuals that complement it. 


Pro Tip: By following these guidelines, you can also make sure your content is accessible to all audiences.
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