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Individual tab settings for charts and maps in Prezi Design

If your chart or map has multiple data columns or sheets (if there are multiple tabs displayed above the chart or map), you can adjust the settings for each sheet individually.

  1. Click on the chart/map to select it, then expand the Settings: Global drop-down under the chart thumbnail in the settings panel on the right.
  2. Select a tab by its name.
  3. Use the right-side settings panel to customize the specific tab that you've selected.


Note: Enabling chart/map settings per tab will disable global settings and vice-versa. To return to the previous format, click Reset all to global settings at the bottom of the settings panel when in individual sheet mode.

To learn more about customizing your charts and maps, read the articles on customizing your chart in Prezi Design and customizing your map in Prezi Design.

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