# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.
# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Live streaming and video conferencing in Microsoft Teams with Prezi Video

Video calls and remote meetings and online learning just got more interesting! Prezi Video allows you to have both you and your content on the same screen, making it easier to communicate ideas. What's better? Now you can easily connect the Prezi Video desktop app with the Microsoft Teams app and share stunning visuals in a video call with your co-workers.

Please note: The latest version of the Microsoft Teams desktop application on Mac does not support the Prezi Video virtual camera. While we are actively looking into solutions together with Microsoft, we would like to ask Mac users to use the previous app version on their computer or use Microsoft Teams online in Google Chrome when live streaming with Prezi Video.







Live streaming with Microsoft Teams and the Prezi Video desktop app

1. Start the Prezi Video desktop app and open Microsoft Teams desktop app. 

Please note: Both the Prezi Video and the Microsoft Team desktop apps must be opened in order to establish the connection. Streaming is available only through the desktop applications.

2. In the Prezi Video desktop app, there are multiple ways to stream your content. You can either:

  • Import and convert a PowerPoint file 
  • Import and convert a Prezi presentation 
  • Use a previously recorded Prezi Video or draft video
  • Or create a video from scratch 

To access your previously recorded videos, open your Prezi Video online dashboard. Click the dropdown in a thumbnail preview and select Video conferencing. This will open the video directly in the Prezi Video desktop app.

If you previously saved a draft project in the desktop app before recording your video, you can open it from the right sidebar in the Prezi Video desktop app.


3. Once your video is ready, click “Video Conference” at the bottom of your screen to establish the connection. You can click on multiple video conferencing tools to get specific instructions


4. In Microsoft Teams, open the Settings window from the top right corner. Then, choose Devices from the menu on the left, go to the Camera settings and select "Prezi Virtual Camera" from the dropdown menu. 


Once you select “Prezi Virtual Camera” you’ll see the camera in Microsoft Teams update to show the same view as in Prezi Video. This means you’re connected and you can start presenting by navigating through your content using the arrow controls. 

You should know: Some video apps might automatically mirror your camera. Don’t worry, this is due to a default setting and it means that your audience sees your content the right way.

Return to the Prezi Video app to navigate through your content while presenting. When you are done with presenting your video, just go back to the Settings window of Microsoft Teams and switch back to the default webcam to stop streaming from the Prezi Video app. 

Want to learn how to create videos directly from Microsoft Teams? Check this article! Want to learn more about Prezi Video and its features? Check out our dedicated Knowledge Base!

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