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Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams FAQ

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with setting up and using Prezi Video for Microsoft Teams.

How can I get the Prezi Video app for Microsoft Teams?

You can find and install the Prezi Video app in the Microsoft Teams app store. You’ll then see the Prezi Video integration available under your chats and group messages. Please note that you also need a Prezi account to be able to use Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams.

How can I sign up for a Prezi account?

When you open the Prezi Video app within Microsoft Teams for the first time, just click on Sign up to create a Prezi account. 

Is Prezi Video free to use?

Prezi offers a free license that allows you to create and record unlimited public and reusable videos in our online editor (max. 15 slides, max. length:15 minutes), 720p recording, and streaming options in the desktop application. For advanced features, such as unlimited unlisted videos, HD recording with unlimited video length in the desktop app, .mp4 export, and PPT conversion, please check this article about further licensing options.

How can I make a video?

To learn how to create and record a video with the Prezi Video app for Microsoft Teams, please read this article

How can I share a video?

All the videos you recorded within Microsoft Teams are available if you click on the Prezi Video icon under your chats. Just select the video you'd like to share and post it in a conversation. Please note that only the videos recorded from Microsoft Teams will show up in this window. To find and share a video recorded directly in the Prezi Video online editor or in the Prezi Video desktop application, go to your Prezi Video dashboard. You will be able to find your videos recorded in Microsoft Teams as well.

Videos recorded within Microsoft Teams are associated with your Microsoft account. This means that even if you log out from prezi.com, your recorded videos will keep showing up in this list as long as you’re logged in to Microsoft Teams.

Can I also live stream from Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can also live stream your videos and  present your content in real-time while video conferencing in Microsoft Teams. You don't even have to leave the Microsoft Teams app to do so, as you'll be able to navigate through your content directly from Microsoft Teams while in a call. To learn more, please check this article

How can I delete my video?

If you wish to delete a video you have previously recorded, you can do so by visiting the Prezi website and deleting the video from your video dashboard. If you wish to delete your Prezi account with all of your videos, you can do so from your Account Settings page.

Can I unshare my video?

The thumbnail and title of videos you previously posted in Microsoft Teams will not be removed even after deleting said video or your Prezi account and it will still be visible on the list of videos created with Prezi Video. However, the videos themselves will not be viewable anymore.

Where can I manage my videos?

To manage your videos (delete, change privacy settings etc.), you also need to go to your online Prezi account.

Is Prezi Video available in multiple languages?

The Prezi Video app for Microsoft Teams is currently only available in English. 

If you have further questions or need assistance with using Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams, please contact our Support team.



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