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Adding and editing content in Prezi Present

If you decide to embark on the journey of creating a Prezi presentation, there's a variety of  customisable templates to choose from that all come with a pre-designed structure and content placeholders. However, it's completely on you what kind of content you fill the presentation with! Here are all the types of content you can add and edit in your presentation with Prezi Present. 

When creating a new presentation in Prezi Present, you have a variety of options to make it your own. All the pre-added elements of our templates are customizable and if necessary, you can also remove any element and add your own content instead. 

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To insert your own content to the presentation, go to Insert in the top toolbar and select the content type you'd like to add.


Adding and editing images

To learn more about adding and editing images, please check this article. In case you'd like to learn how to add or change your background image, go here


Adding and editing text

To learn more about adding and editing text, please check this article


Adding videos

To learn more about adding videos to your presentation, please check this article


Adding and editing icons and symbols

To learn more about icons and symbols in Prezi Present, please check this article


Adding PowerPoint slides

To learn more about adding your existing slides to your Prezi presentation, please read this article


Adding and editing shapes

To learn more about adding shapes, please check this article


Adding and editing lines and arrows

To learn more about using lines and arrows, please check this article


Adding PDF files

To learn more about importing PDF files in Prezi present, please read this article.


Adding audio

To learn more about adding audio to your topics and subtopics, please read this article


Adding and editing charts

To learn more about charts in Prezi Present, please check this article


Adding and editing story blocks

To learn more about adding and editing story blocks in Prezi Present, please read this article


Adding content from My library

To learn more about saving and adding content in your own content library, please check this article


Adding and removing the Prezi watermark

To learn more about adding and removing the watermark, please read this article


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