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Switching between map types and styles in Prezi Design

Once you've added a map to your Prezi Design project, you can choose what type of map you want to use for your indicators, as well as set its style. Keep reading to learn more about the available map types and styles.

Changing the map type

To switch between the two available map types:

  1. Select your map by clicking on it.
  2. Go to the settings panel on the right and expand the Chart properties tab.
  3. Use the dropdown under Map type to toggle between the area map and the icon map.

Area map

Every map you add to your project is an area map by default. They are perfect if you want to compare indicators between different areas on a map, e.g., countries, states, counties, etc., depending on the map you've selected.


Icon map

Switch to an icon map if you want to pinpoint specific locations on your map—these can be cities, street addresses, postal codes, or even landmarks. To add locations, go to the map's spreadsheet by double-clicking on it, and enter them in the cells of the first column (English title). Find out more in the article about placing markers on a map.



Changing the map style

There are three map styles you can pick from. To switch between them:

  1. Select your map by clicking on it.
  2. Go to the settings panel on the right and expand the Chart properties tab.
  3. Use the dropdown under Style to toggle between heatmap, individual, and grouped styles.

When you add a map to your project, it's a heatmap by default. This map style lets you display the variation between geographical indicators with two colors—a cold color for the lower values and a hot color for the higher values. Your map's look depends on the values you have in the second column (Value) of the map's spreadsheet. You can change the hot and cold colors under Color in the right-side settings panel.



After picking the individual style for your map, every entry in the spreadsheet will be assigned its own color. This style is great for highlighting specific areas or locations on the map.


With the grouped style selected, you can assign specific colors to groups you have entered in the third column (Group) of your map's spreadsheet. E.g., you could use this map style to visualize an election's outcome by displaying the winning parties in different states.


Check out the article on editing map data in Prezi Design to learn more about adding data to your map, and have a look at the article about customizing your map in Prezi Design to get to know the many map customization options on offer.

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