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Recording with Prezi Video

Once you created a new video, imported your PowerPoint slides or converted a Google Slides or Prezi presentation, it is time to record your masterpiece. 

Pro Tip: Read this article for some tips on preparing before your record your video and this article on optimizing your space and equipment before recording.

Recording your video

1. Once you’re done with adding your content, click Practice and record online and Record in the desktop app at the bottom of the screen and get ready for recording your video.


Pro Tip: To record in full HD or to present live in a video call, click the Use desktop app button to open the Prezi Video desktop application when using the online editor.

2. Before recording your video, you can preview your content by using the arrows in the side panel or test the different content views.


3. You can also switch to a different camera from the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the online editor or by clicking Camera in the top toolbar of the desktop app.

4. When you'r ready, hit the red button under the video feed. The recording will start after a countdown. 

5. To navigate through your content, use the left and right arrows or click directly on anything you want to zoom to. Use the toggle button to either show or hide your content. When you’re showing your content, you can either make it appear right next to you or show it in full screen.


6. If necessary, you can pause the recording by clicking the pause button under the video window and resume by clicking the same button again.

7. You can also share your entire desktop screen or a specific window or browser tab or display a timer on screen while recording.

8. When you're finished, click the Done recording button and your video will start processing. 

You should know: If you want to play a clip with sound while recording, we advise you to use earphones to avoid echoing. In case you don’t have earphones, try lowering the volume of your computer which will help reduce the echo effect.

9. Once the video is processed, you can watch it in its entirety. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with the first take, you click on Discard and record again to give it another try as many times as you’d like if you're online and simply close the video window and hit Record again in the desktop app. Remember: practice is the key to success!


Trimming your video

1. You can now trim your video to remove any unnecessary footage from the beginning and the end. Click Trim at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Drag the handle at the beginning and the end of the video timeline where you would like your video to start and finish.

3. Click Done, then select Save video/Save & Share.


Final touches, managing the audio transcript and selecting a thumbnail

1. When recording in the desktop app, you can either download your video to your computer and/or sync in to your Prezi Video dashboard.


2. When recording online, you'll be taken to the video admin page where you can give a title to your video and add tags and a description to it.


Write a few words about your video to describe the topic and make it easier to find.

You can divide your video into chapters. By default, the video will be divided into chapters based on the slides you have added. However, you can also type the chapter titles here next to a timestamp to have customised chapters. Make sure to always start with 0:00.


The chapters will then be displayed on the video's view page


3. You can also activate/deactivate the audio transcript feature here. When activated, people with the link to your video can see an automated transcript for your recording. (Please note that it takes a few minutes for the transcript to be generated after your video is processed.)

By activating the audio transcript, you're also giving your viewers the opportunity to turn on the automatically generated subtitles when watching your video from its view page.

Select Manage subtitles to edit and download the automatically generated audio transcript that also serves as subtitles for your viewers. 


4. If you're not happy with the automatically generated thumbnail, you can switch to another one.

After your video is processed, scroll down on the video admin page to select a different thumbnail or upload your own (file size must be under 2 MB).

You will see it update in the video window too. You can also return to the video admin page later from the Prezi Video dashboard by selecting the cogwheel icon on the video thumbnail. 


Privacy settings and sharing your video

You can set your video to be public and reusable or unlisted (it will not appear as a result in any search engines and only people with the link can view it) from the video admin page.

Note: All public videos are also reusable by default, while unlisted videos cannot be reused by others. If you would like the option to create unlimited unlisted videos, please check this article about our different subscriptions.



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