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Getting started with creating in Prezi Present

Welcome to Prezi Present! Are you ready to create your very first presentation? We collected all the useful resources you might need to take the first steps towards becoming a presentation wizard. Read these articles to learn more about the editor and the basics of creating, editing and structuring in Prezi Present. We hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Creating a new presentation

Welcome to Prezi! It literally takes four or five clicks to create a new presentation and start editing it from your Prezi Present dashboard. Here's how:

Creating a new presentation in Prezi Present →


The Prezi Present editor

Now that you're in the editor, we suggest you to take a look around and explore the different functionalities and features you can utilize when creating your presentation.

Getting to know the Prezi Present editor →


Structuring your presentation

With Prezi Present you can structure your content in multiple dimensions with topics and subtopics to create memorable presentations that captivate your audience. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics organize details and reveal content at just the right moment to keep your audience engaged. Learn about building a bullet-proof structure for your presentation here. 

Structuring in Prezi Present →


Adding content to your presentation

Now that you're familiar with the structure of Prezi presentations, it's time to fill them with your content. Here's everything you can add to the canvas including images, videos, audio, PowerPoint slides and the list goes on...

Adding and editing content in Prezi Present →


Creating a video from your presentation

Want to take your presentation to a next level? With the help of Prezi Video, you can easily turn it into a video by removing the background image and putting you next to your content so you can explain the details, record as you go through the presentation and then share a the video with your audience. 

Creating a video from your presentation →



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